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Who is this person?

I'm Shane Stranahan!

What does this person do?

Occupation-wise, I spend a great deal of my time running a few companies with my Dad.

In early 2017 we started an online school for citizen journalists. Journalism is in a crisis right now. This isn't a good thing: journalism is how most people learn most of the things they know about the world, so having journalism be bad is a bad idea. We're trying to fix this with the school.

In mid-2017 we launched a publication which we're now converting into an online video station that'll serve as the basis for a new kind of journalism: honest and exploratory investigative reporting, focusing on important stories.

Outside of this work I spend most of my time learning.

How did this person come to be this person?

Was born in Topeka, Kansas, but most of my life was traveling around the country and in some cases the world, thinking and reading and working. Mostly unschooled as a kid, which likely made me weirder. Which is good, of course.

Where does this person live?

In Washington, D.C., and sometimes Berkeley, CA.

This is all, for now. Check back later!