(the site's owner's; a retrospective)

Who is this person?

I'm Shane Stranahan.

What does this person do?

Occupation-wise, I spent a good chunk of the last few years running a few companies with my Dad.

In early 2017 we started an online school for citizen journalists. I think we were pretty successful - in the first year we taught a lot of students, hosted a conference, made over $100k while managing other businesses in a fundamentally new industry, and were lambasted by a now-defunct show on Comedy Central. (We outlived them, which I'm pretty sure constitutes victory.)

I was the COO of that business until I decided to leave and go start my own life.

Now I work at a Subway, where I make people truly delicious sandwiches.

Non-occupation-wise... well, that's more complicated. If you want to learn more, you might do better reading this page.

How did this person come to be this person?

I was born in Topeka, Kansas, and lived there for a few years before I decided to start robbing trains.

(I'm joking, of course, I mean it's not like there's an abandoned duffel bag filled with cold hard cash buried six feet under the intersection of three crosshatched cypruses in the middle of the Seskatchewan wilderness, or anything like that, at all.)

Anyway. As I was saying.

My parents divorced when I was kind of young, and then my Dad proceeded to move around the country routinely, which meant my early childhood was largely spent traveling.

Eventually I became conscious, which was interesting. Right around that time I recorded an album of world and electronic music - I'm not joking this time goshdarnit - and started to write occasionally, a lifelong frustration.

Throughout this I was unschooled, which basically involved talking a lot with my family about life and the world, and some reading. Later I went to school to make friends, which was a funny experience, and then later still I went back to being unschooled after I realized how much high school truly sucked.

At this point I drop off the map for a few years, although instead of 'here be dragons' I'm in the part of the non-map titled 'having friends and doing self-taught web development'.

Most of my early adulthood was spent traveling around the country and in some cases the world, thinking and reading and working and writing and volunteering. Occasionally hitchhiking, couchsurfing, and working on farms. Occasionally going back to live with parents for a few months when I got pneumonia or broke up with my girlfriend.

Now I'm a non-early adult, which means you're supposed to ask me what I do, to which I respond: look above!

Where does this person live?

Near Portland, OR right now, but you just try to keep an eye on me.

This is all, for now. Check back later!