(the writer's, shown to readers; a prospectus)


Below you'll find some of my long-term plans. If I die, please feed them into a robot to re-extrapolate my volition. Thank you in advance!


I'd like to develop a website devoted to displaying up-to-date information about the most important ways in which the world is stagnating. (I'm also semi-secretly applying for a grant from Emergent Ventures to try to make this project happen quickly.)


I would like to develop a grammar and community for analyzing institutions, as they're defined by Huntington.

I'd like to create a foundation devoted to pointwise organizational repair.

I'd like to analyze human history from the perspective of institutions using the grammar. This would provide a behavioral history of human values, among other things.


I have some weird preliminary beliefs about the philosophy of math, epistemological epochs, and which epoch we're in right now, but for this to make sense to anyone (including me!) I'll first need to learn quite a bit more.

Tables, Desks, Lights

I have some designs for tables, desks, and lights which I want to build. They'd look wicked awesome. Seriously.